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Isabel Marant boots side view

Since fall is right around the corner and it’s already starting to get a little breezy here in the city I went on a boots and bootie hunt, because we all know my obsession with shoes. I laid my eyes on a new pair of Isabel Marant booties and I fell in love! Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designers for clothing but by far in terms of shoes, I’m obsessed. So of course, I want to show you some of my favorite boots and booties of the season as well as some of my classic go-to styles.

Let’s start out with the pair that I’m currently in love with, the Lizynn Cone-Heels.

I truly love everything about this heeled bootie because it takes a classic black boot but puts a great twist to it.

Next we have the classic Dicker Boot from Isabel Marant and I’m guilty of owning this boot in three colors. I honestly live in them! They are so comfortable and go with everything in my closet. If you can get your hands on a pair I highly recommend it.

Another great place to check for fall and winter boots is Massimo Dutti. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many stores out here in the States but you can go online and check out everything. There are under the same fashion group as Zara so you can rest assured the quality is great.

Next we have two pairs from Steve Madden. I know, no surprise here! But I really have always looked into what new styles they have and over the years I’ve almost always been able to find at least one pair that I love.

Both these styles are really great for almost any outfit. A classic black boot will go with any look. I’m almost sure you already have similar boots in your closet currently, however, getting a brand new fresh pair sometimes does the trick.

And finally we have this pair from Urban Outfitters. I loved the scrunched aspect to this boot. It looks great with jeans but I it’ll also look amazing with a skirt. This faux suede pair comes in two colors: black and taupe.

I hope you guys like some of these pics! Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite, I’d love to know!


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