Leather Jackets

Why hello there! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’ve recently been thinking a lot about leather jackets and how I’m going to be wearing quite a few of them within the next few weeks. … View Post

Boots & Booties

Since fall is right around the corner and it’s already starting to get a little breezy here in the city I went on a boots and bootie hunt, because we all know my obsession with … View Post

Jean Jackets

I have an obsession with jackets, especially leather and denim jackets. I live in them the second it gets cold. I just purchased a new one and have been looking for some new styles online, … View Post

Fall 2017 Trends

With every upcoming season there are always new fashion trends that go with it. It’s one of the exciting things about fashion, there’s always some new coming along. I always get magazines to see what … View Post

Fall Bags

Once again I had to make a post for you guys about my favorite fall bags. I recently purchased these two Coach bags and have been wearing them nonstop, if you look at my Instagram … View Post

Embroidered Denim

Oh denim how I love you, especially if you’re embroidered. If there was one type of clothing I had to wear for the rest of my life it would be denim. I seriously live in … View Post

Top 5 Accessories

Everyone needs accessories, this is just fact! I came up with the top five accessories everyone needs to own in their closet. I really went through my list here to figure out exactly which pieces … View Post

Designer Sale Sites

If you’re anything like me you love to shop designer but wish you didn’t have to pay the price. I’ve decided that I want to share my go-to designer sites that have the best discounts. … View Post

Kick Picks

I have a serious obsession with sneakers. I am so picky about the kind of sneakers I wear I know it’s become a serious problem. I’m also aware that most people are picky about there … View Post