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Two Coach bags

Once again I had to make a post for you guys about my favorite fall bags. I recently purchased these two Coach bags and have been wearing them nonstop, if you look at my Instagram you can see I can’t get enough! I put them in a post about my top five closet essentials, 5 Wardrobe Essentials , and I decided when I saw just how much they went on sale I had to have them! I love that they’re a small crossbody bag that can be worn during the summer but are also perfect for fall and winter because of the heavy leather and stud detail.

I started looking for more bags that I could wear during the fall/winter and found some really great styles. I wanted to share them with you because I know when I find something online that I love and see that it was recently sold out I get so frustrated! So hopefully you will love some of my favorite picks and can get your hands on them!


I know you’ve probably seen the new trend of backpacks everywhere. I feel like this was a serious 90’s look and has made a huge comeback. My favorite is the Chloé Faye Backpack, I really love the mini. However, for those of us who need to find something more affordable I found some really great choices!

Zara beige backpack front viewZara beige backpack back viewZARA – CHAIN LINK BACKPACK

Zara will always have affordable bags that look expensive. I have purchased many bags from them and will continue to do so because not only do I love the styles they have but the durability of their products.

 See by Chloe backpack front view


If you want to get your hands on a Chloé backpack but can’t shell out the two grand for it (don’t worry you’re not alone!), then you can opt for See by Chloé which is just as amazing. I love that they have a more affordable brand within the same design house and really put work into the styles and designs. I highly recommend checking out all of their accessories.

Rebecca Minkoff light blue suede backpack front view


I also have a suede option for you and the best thing about this backpack is that it comes in several colors. The olive and navy options are just as beautiful and will go great with almost anything during the fall months.

Marc Jacobs grey backpack


Finally we have this Marc Jacobs nylon backpack. I wanted to have a nylon option in a darker color, it also comes in all black, for those fall and winter days when it’s raining and snowing. Nylon is great for such occasions because it can handle such weather and not fall apart.


Crossbody bags are by far my favorite style. I love that they are hands free and you can get them in tiny sizes for when you’re on the go.

Zara red crossbody bag front view


Once again my first two choices will have to be from Zara. They just have such amazing styles! I know that as you’re reading this you’re thinking believe me I already know this! This burgundy color never goes out of style and is great for both fall and winter.

Zara multicolored beaded bag front view


I wanted to also incorporate this fun beaded bag because it will be great especially for fall. I think with a white tee, some great fitted jeans, a black leather jacket and some killer heels, this bag will complete the look in such a great way. I definitely urge you to take a look and see if this is your style cause I know it would look great on anyone.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag in black front view


My last choice for crossbody bags is another one from Rebecaa Minkoff. Her Mini Mac bags have been around for some time and I know this is one of her signature pieces but the look of this one is slightly different with the dark hardware. Most of the other Mini Mac’s are with silver hardware and chains but this is a really great twist for fall and winter.


Gvyn beige suede bucket bag front view 
Gvyn beige suede bag with details 


When you can find a bag that also has great additives it always makes it that much more easy to purchase it. This bag from Gvyn is amazing because it also has a longer strap for crossbody as well as a smaller pouch to organize all your things inside. It comes in two colors and is great for fall.

All Saints black hobo bag front view


Finally I have this All Saints tote for you. I wanted to have an all black bag in the mix because we know they are the best in terms of maintenance, especially when the weather really starts to get crazy. All Saints has amazing clothing but the accessories and bags are even better. If you haven’t gone to the store in a while, definitely take a minute and check out their site. They really have great new styles for the upcoming season.

I hope you guys like some of these picks! I have to say this is one of my favorite type of posts to put together, especially when I get a new comment that you really enjoyed all the styles! I will be having many more like this to come so be sure to check it out!


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