Lace Pieces

Bra and makeup on a white background


We’ve all been seeing bras and bralettes as tops. Under an oversized sweater or with a blazer, this trend has been everywhere. I love going out in a little lace piece so I wanted to share some of my favorite new pieces I found online with you!


Lace bra on model

Lace bra

Soft-Cup Lace Bra

Model wearing bralette

Black H&M bralette

Push-Up Halterneck Bra

Model wearing black lace top

Black lace top

Satin Top with Lace

Model wearing black lace top with tee

H&M black lace top

Lace Top


My first four choices are from H&M because they are super affordable and last a long time. I have a lot of pieces that I’ve purchased from them for night outs and have gotten so many compliments.


Model wearing orange lace top

Model wearing Free People black lace top

Model standing in window wearing white lace bra

Lacey Lace Brami

Model wearing Free People red bra

Model wearing red bralette

Belle Longline Brami

Model wearing Free People blue bra

Model wearing Free People blue bra

Cross My Heart Soft Bra

Free People black bra

Black bra from Free People

Night Tales Brami


The next best place to find great lace pieces are from Free People. The first is a great lace top that comes in 10 colors! This is definitely something I’m gonna have to get my hands on.

All these pieces would look great with a blazer for a night out or an oversized V-neck sweater to make any look sexier. I especially love wearing these types of tops in the summer because it gets hotter out and is super comfortable for a day or night out!


Let me know in the comments below if this is something you’d wear, I’d love to know!

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