Leather Jackets

Zoomed in shot of leather jacket

Why hello there! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’ve recently been thinking a lot about leather jackets and how I’m going to be wearing quite a few of them within the next few weeks. It still feels like summer here but I’m assuming fall will come at some point right?!

Leather jackets are a staple that I believe should be in everyone’s closet. The moto style is great in both leather and suede and has really been on trend recently as well. Now there are so many options, even vegan leather, that you can truly get anything you want at an affordable price. I wanted to see what Nordstrom had for new styles because that’s on of my go-to places to check for all things leather. Here are my top picks!

I hope you like some of these styles! Let me know in the comments below which is you’re favorite, I’d love to know!


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