Taking A Relaxing Bath For Better Skin

Bathtub with running water


One of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed out is to take a long relaxing bath. Now I know we’ve all heard the benefits of taking a hot bath instead of a quick shower but I’m here to tell you just how great it is for your skin.


Bathtub with running water and a book


Whenever I feel like my skin is looking a little dull or needs a pick me up, I always take the time to sit in a nice hot bath. I bring a great book and just take some me time. The reason I love it is because of how much it helps with my skin. Sitting in the bath really brings down stress levels which is always beneficial on multiple levels as well as great for any breakouts. I also love that when I’m in the bath my skin can really soak up for some time and soften up. What I do after is what really helps.


Bathtub with a bar of soap and a book


I never take a bath with anything in the water such as bath bombs or any type of soaps. This always irritates my skin and causes me to breakout. I know that this is very relaxing to lay with all the bubbles but my skin is much too sensitive to be exposed to all that soap. This is one piece of advice that I really want you to take into consideration if you do have problematic skin and love bath bombs when taking a bath! This may actually be doing more harm than good!


Book with bathtub in the background

Bathtub with running water


Right after I get out I wash my face with a light natural oil based cleanser. I want to make sure my face is extra clean right before I do this. Then I take a fresh clean towel and wrap it around my pointer finger and gentle rub all the dead skin off my face in one direction. It’s crazy how much dead skin can come off! Now remember to not be too rough when doing this! You want to make sure to get all the gunk off but still be gentle with your face. The next step depends on the current state of my skin. If I have a few breakouts I’ll put a mask of that has some acne fighting ingredients in it or a small layer of Proactiv Step 3 face cream. If my skin does not have breakouts I put on a thick layer of my most hydrating cream and give myself a three minute face massage. This really stimulates the blood flow and helps wake the skin up.


Book with bathtub in the background


I really recommend you trying this out! Whether it’s been a stressful day or at work or you just need some time for yourself, taking a nice hot bath has so many health benefits.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments below if this is something that you would try out, I’d love to know!




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