Jeans & Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton backpack outfit

Since my previous post was all about my favorite fall bags and had quite a few backpacks featured, I decided to do a look with my Louis Vuitton backpack. What I love most about Louis Vuitton is how long their bags last for. This was actually my mother’s backpack that she purchased over ten years ago! It still looks like it’s brand new because of how durable it is. I wanted to make this look super casual because I prefer that style when wearing a backpack. I’ve never been a crazy fan of wearing heels with a backpack, some can pull it off so well yet somehow it looks quite odd on me. So I paired my Louis with some ripped jeans and a cobalt top from J. Crew.

Louis Vuitton backpack and jeans outfitGirl in jeans and Louis Vuitton backpack outfitLouis Vuitton backpack outfit against white wallRipped jeans, cobalt shirt and Louis Vuitton bag outfitLouis Vuitton backpack and ripped jeans

  • Top: J. Crew
  • Cami: Express
  • Jeans: Zara
  • Bag: Louis Vuitton
  • Sandals: Wet Seal

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