Since I can remember I have always been in love with fashion. Knowing that you can represent yourself and showcase a mood that you want to convey when others see you is something that only really fashion provides. I love that I can express myself visually to people everywhere I go without having to verbally speak. This is why I wanted to create this blog, to help create new ideas of how to style and wear an outfit. I always look for new inspiration everywhere I go and then put my own twist on it, which is what I hope I can give to all my readers. I graduated with a Fashion Degree from The Art Institute of New York City several years ago and wish to pursue a career in fashion. I hope that you will come along this journey with me while I still learn all there is to know about blogging and that relationships can be formed with my readers.

Thank you all for stopping by and please come back again!

Blue button shirt outfit with sunglasses