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Some of you may remember when I put up a recent jewelry picks post that it was all gold pieces. Now I wanted to make another one with just all silver options for you silver lovers out there!




I started out with this pair that I fell in love with the second I saw them. This is definitely an item you would splurge on but sometimes you just have to right! I love that they’re a safety pin but done in such an elegant way.



This next pair from Anthropologie are really in style right now. It has a bohemian vibe but can be worn with so many different types of outfits. I would love this pair for a night out, I think it would compliment and frame any face type and look truly amazing.



The last pair of earrings I chose from Baublebar because of the price and quality. I believe everyone needs a great pair of hoops in their jewelry collection and these are just the classic pair to have.




We’ve all seen chokers everywhere nowadays and it took me a while to get on board but I think that if you get a choker that sits just right on your neck it looks amazing. That’s usually my biggest problem with chokers, it either sits too high or too low. This choker from Jennifer Fisher is just the type of simple piece that will go with everything and I truly believe will sit just right for everyone!



Of course I’m going to incorporate a few pieces from H&M because I’m someone who really shops their jewelry section. They have so many styles and yes they don’t last forever, but for the price you pay, it lasting a good 3-5 months (me wearing them almost everyday) and it then starting to wear off is totally okay with me! 



When it comes to stacking bracelets I run over to Williamsburg in Brooklyn and go straight to Urban Outfitters. They have so much cool stuff! You can stack all these pieces together for a statement look or just pick one for a softer touch, either way you’ll look great.



When it comes to rings I try to go for something that is a higher quality only because I know it will last longer. Yes, I still purchase rings from places like Forever 21 and H&M just to have and be able to mix and match but I know they won’t last as long. Wash your hands a few times and unfortunately it will start to rust. So getting a great silver ring that may cost a bit more but will last a longer time is so worth it.



I truly believe that everyone should pamper themselves and get a piece of Tiffany jewelry! They are obviously such a classic and you can never go wrong. You know automatically that you will get the quality that you deserve from their jewelry and will last you forever!


I hope you like some of these pieces! Let me know in the comments below if you would purchase any of these, I’d love to know!

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