Statement Hats

Colorful straw hats

Hats are one of my favorite accessories, especially for those serious bad hair days. I think a hat can really tie an entire look together and make it go from something plain to amazing. I wanted to purchase a new hat since I know there are a lot of sales going on right now so I decided I’ll share my top picks with you.

Scotch and Soda orange straw hat with pom poms 
Scotch and Soda orange straw hat with pom poms 

Scotch and Soda

I wanted to put this hat first because I actually purchased it in another color. If you were to look on my Instagram or my Mallorca Travel Diary post you would see me wearing this hat on the beach. I wore it every time I went to the beach this summer but I also wear it as a statement hat. I love pairing it with a white tee and a pair of denim cutoffs. It’s a colorful hat so I try to keep the rest of my outfit simple but it’s really beautiful, I always get so many compliments!

Lulu's black straw hat

Lulu's black straw hat


This basic black straw hat from LuLu’s is another great piece. It’s a staple that I really think everyone should have in their closet.

straw hat on a women with blue background 
White straw hat with blue trimming 

Nordstrom – Eric Javits

Blue and cream straw hat with colorful pom poms 
Blue and cream straw hat with colorful pom poms 

Revolve – Guanabana

This is another great hat from Guanabana. I love the trend with the colorful pom poms attached to the trim. It makes it so eye catching and you can really play around with so many different looks.

Blue yankees baseball cap

Urban Outfitters

I had to put a baseball cap in this post because who doesn’t love to throw one of these on when they’re in a rush! I’ve been guilty so many times of doing this it’s really not okay. I love the Yankees raglan baseball caps, they are my favorite type. There are a few styles to choose from if you google raglan Yankees cap.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite picks are I’d love to know!


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