Vegan Leather Jackets

Detail shot of black vegan leather jacket


Now before I get into this post I have to put a disclaimer here that I am not a vegan. I truly wish I was strong enough to fully convert to the lifestyle because I am a serious animal lover but just haven’t gotten there yet. I still have some real leather jackets as well as fur but I try to make a conscious decision to start purchasing more vegan leather, especially since now they make such great quality jackets.

This is by far one of my favorite leather jackets I own, I honestly live in it, and the fact that it’s vegan makes it so much better. This is why I wanted to share some of my favorite styles that are all vegan leather with you!


The Classic


You can never go wrong with a simple black leather jacket. It goes with everything, from jeans to a night out with a sexy dress. I highly recommend that everyone needs a standard black leather jacket in their closet!


A Fun Color


I always say it’s really great to have a leather jacket in another color then just black. Especially during those spring months when you want to wear something lighter, a black jacket can be just too heavy.


Patches for Days


I love a bomber jacket that has patches on them! To tell you the truth I actually have this exact jacket in the camel color for myself! Whenever I wear it I get so many compliments on how great it looks.


A Bit Moto


I love a great moto jacket. All the zippers and detailing always makes it such a cool statement piece. I just recently got into the moto kick where my eye just gravitates to this style.


Something Embroidered


Now for my last pick I had to go with this embroidered piece. I love that this has become a style. Pairing this vegan leather jacket with a classic white tee and blue jeans will make your look seriously stand out!


Let me know in the comments below if you like any of these Picks, I’d love to know!


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